Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Talent quest

Last Friday we celebrated the feast day of St Pius X.  Our school celebration began with a whole school mass also a talent quest show.

Everyone rush into the hall after mass and tried to find a seat.  Parents,cousins,and preschoolers were asked to be seated. It was dead silent.  Everyone was waiting for the two host to appear,“what up Saint Pius!!” the hosts started.  First up will be Room 4, and so on. My cousin Salamona was in it, he did his Kempo (Material art).

Soon they announced that Room 7 will be performing.  I froze.  Everyone stood up,and walked. I looked around,what’s going on?.  I stood at the back hiding my face. Then the voices lifted “as we gather may”............
As we finish we all seated.The talent quest was over.   

Friday, September 2, 2011

Subtracting with tidy numbers

This week in math I have been learning to solve problems by equal additions that turn one of the numbers into a tidy number.
e.g-183-68=add 2 to 183 and 68 so