Friday, June 24, 2011

Homework or no Homework

We should do homework every day it helps our minds work harder and keeps us thinking.

Homework is good for people who find reading,writing or math hard.
Homework can be so boring but its worth it, you can increase big progress and I mean BIG BIG BIG. All you have to do is read for thirty minutes and your going through progress.
This will give you a three hours and a half advantaged more every week, just think of being so smart and you and your brain working like a machine.
Just think for a moment you can get good scholarship and money to spend at university.

You,and I mean YOU can have a great life,get a nice or exciting house or be in a good relationship.You can have stuff that you want,but make sure you work hard and chose that right choices and you will go though a successful life.

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